Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Perennial Herbs

Plant in the back is  Citronella

The true citronella plant is a perennial grass similar to Lemon Grass, to which it is closely related. It is not the little scented geranium you find in some stores labeled as a "mosquito plant." Those may smell like citronella but are about as close to citronella as the lime-scented geranium is to a lime tree. Citronella is a clumping grass that grows five to six feet tall. The coarse, grasslike leaves are gray-green and aromatic and are borne on cane-like stem
Growing citronella....
Citronella is generally purchased as a small plant. Make sure you are getting true citronella, Cybopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus
Citronella is undemanding in its care. It should be grown in full sun and watered when it gets dry. It does not like to be too wet,
You could plant citronella in areas where you sit to repel insects, or scatter leaves from the plant around you. From  my own experience this plant on my deck helped quite a bit in the control mosquitoes.

Container Gardening
Don't think that you can't grow herbs just because you don't have a big plot of land suitable for a garden! Even city apartment dwellers can grow herbs in containers, whether in a sunny window or on a patio. You can plant a window box or a half whiskey barrel with your favorite cooking herbs, or keep a few small pots on a sunny windowsill.  Rosemary plants live outside during the summer, and over winter can live in the kitchen window in a pot.


Sage is a wonderfully versatile herb for your garden. It comes in many colorful varieties and growth habits. Try using it as a lovely filler around your other tall garden plants. Sage will grow for many years, returning after even the harshest of winters.

Thyme is one of the herbs that will grow in any garden. It has varieties in both upright and trailing habits. Use thyme as a filler between your stones in a walkway. It offers the lovely scent when stepped on and can handle moderate traffic. Thyme grows well in areas that are too dry and poor for many other plants.

Mint is invasive, but an important addition to any hard to cultivate garden. Try to plant your mint in a bucket that is buried, to allow it to remain somewhat contained.Mint is a refreshing, gentle tea herb and a lovely scented plant. Try growing one of the many varieties of mint.

Lavender is used for everything from cooking, to healing. Try growing this elegant herb alongside your best flowers. Be sure to plant lavender with growing room, you will be shocked at how large the plants will be year after year. . From shades of purple and blue, to white, lavender is truly a wonderful perennial herb.


Echinacea useful for healing, it is a beautiful accent for any garden. Echinacea grows in virtually any garden situation. From moist, fertile soil, to dry and arid conditions, Echinacea has a variety that will thrive.

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