Tuesday, February 15, 2011


One of my favorite things to do is visit a local Arboretum. It is  nice to visit during the different growing seasons, there is always something new to see! For me  it is inspiring and educating to visit. We have Cox Arboretum in the Dayton area that I like to visit. It is so beautiful there, my mind goes into overload with ideas for my own gardening! I thought I would share a few pictures. One more note, these places are great to test  out a new camera or practice your  photography skills.


  1. following you from MBC. I look forward to many pretty pictures! I have just startted to like perennials. We had many at our previous home timed to flower through out the season. Would love a follow-back! Nan

  2. New follower on GFC from MBC (what did we do before acronyms?) Also following on Networked Blogs. Does your blog have a FB fan page? Very nice pictures. Wish we had a city garden or arboretum around here...guess we're too small. :(

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