Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beds and Borders

When making planting plan, the basic principles are essentially the same, whether planning a herbaceous border, island bed or mixed border.

Considerations of height , mass, shape, and sequential interest, in combination with texture and color are all variable factors that may be expected to  achieve particular design effects. It is also vital to research an individual plant’s natural references in cultivation, and to choose plants that are suitable for the soil type, exposure and climate that exist in the garden.  Imagination  and personal taste will inevitably influence your designs but there are a few basic guidelines to follow

General Principles

It is important at the outset to decide on the preferred style of planting, since this provides a clear suggestion as to the size, shape and form of the beds to be planted. The choice of style will be dictated in part by  personal taste and imagination.  It may also be guided by observation of the architectural style of the house and any existing hard landscaping in the garden, such as walls, steps and paving. A formally elegant and well-ordered style usually succeeds best when planted into a straight -edged and symmetrical border. A more relaxed and informal planting, with irregular drifts of plants, is more likely to succeed in borders with irregular, curved outlines.

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