Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Beginning gardeners can grow lupines successfully in the flower garden, as this hardy plant tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions.

Lupine plants produce flower spikes as tall as 5 feet in the spring and late summer, providing a striking vertical accent in the landscape. This member of the pea family requires minimal care, and even grows as a wildflower in some parts of the United States.

Plant in full sun with good air circulation, in loose, well-drained soil.  The plants can tolerate poor, sandy, or gravely soil, preferably acid.

Foliage is beautiful and will remain lush for a slightly longer time after blooming if kept moist but it will die back by midsummer Deadhead for smaller second bloom. Excellent self-seeding perennial, Lupines will spread over open ground quickly.

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  1. Lupines are so beautiful but difficult to grow in central NC. It's one of those plants that we envy northern gardeners!