Friday, February 18, 2011

Mixing Annuals with Perennials

Mixing Annuals with Perennials can add a pop  of color and interest to you’re  garden in  between blooming seasons.

Annual flowers can extend the bloom period of your perennial garden at both ends of the season: Early bloomers provide color when most perennials are still taking their long winter’s nap; when perennials have finished their show in early summer, warm-weather annuals take over. Like perfect party guests, annuals are delightful in any crowd. If you invite them to mingle with your shrubs, perennials and bulbs, they’ll add interest and long-lasting color to your garden.

When you  have a  large space to fill in your Perennial garden,   (A young perennial border can look bare for the first few years).
        I like to create  a visual interest , this can be done by adding height or a pop of color. Hanging  baskets  using shepherds hooks are good and so is using large flower pots, I like using these  because you don’t want to over water  Perennials, so this way the annuals can be watered with out watering the whole garden.

Bulbs are also a good way to add color, Tulips, Daffodils, etc. Just don’t plant them under a hanging basket, over watering  can cause the bulbs to rot.

Make a Mixed Garden
Whichever annual flowers you choose to plant, try bringing together four or five types to make a mixed garden. You can also plant annuals among perennial spring flowers to create a beautifully diverse garden.


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