Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Perennial Garden

Perennials are herbaceous plants that live for more than three seasons. Perennials are the foundation upon which your garden is built. If you treat them well they will come back for several seasons and in some cases even longer.
Perennials offer a wide variety of form, flower and foliage and give the gardener a large palette from which to make plant selections.

Perennials for the backs of borders;
When you use a tall perennial for the back of your garden border you create a look of permanence and their majestic size catches the eye. Such as Ligularia
Ligularias are great in the back of shady beds, along borders, in bogs, or planted at the edge of water gardens. The plants prefer afternoon shade.

Perennials as Specimen Plants
Balloon Flower - Beautiful blue/purple tone bloom. Loves full sun but will do alright in some shade.
A specimen plant is a plant that is so striking that it can stand alone as a special feature in your garden.

Perennials as ground cover;
There is no reason to leave a bare spot in your garden when there are so many perennials available that make ideal ground cover.  Dianthus are easy to grow and prefer full sun, moderate climates, and rich, well drained soil

A perennial home garden is a great way to create a habitat in your backyard which will showcase color throughout the year as well as attract native wildlife to your lawn  and landscape.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! This is the first gardening blog I have read! I love the suggestions, and that you make it readable for people like me (I have no green thumb!).