Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cat Humor

This  is my beautiful cat  Whiskers. Can you believe someone dumped him off at our house. Whiskers used to love the outdoors. When I would be working in the garden, he was right  there with me and  he would love to sit  in this  wood stump, like it was his throne.

But that ended, after a trip to the vet.  Whiskers in now  a indoor kitty, it took some adjusting for him, but now he enjoys watching Squirrels from the window, laying in the sun, and he also has found a new throne, life is good !

Someone  forgot to tell Whiskers it is not cool to sit on  the potty and have your pic. taken  : )


  1. awe what a beautiful cat! great photos. I am a new gfc follower from Mom Bloggers Club.
    hope you follow me back :D