Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dutch Iris

Eye of the Tiger
Dutch iris have that fleeting beauty that spring is all about - perfection that needs to be savored at its moment of peak glory. This is a wonderful  cultivar with deep blue-violet standards (upward facing petals) and falls (downward facing petals) brushed with mahogany and accented with a slash of bright yellow.

Full sun to very light shade
Zones 5-9 South/5-10 West
Bloom Time:
Late spring through early summer
Bulb Size:
7/8 cm, large for this variety

Dutch iris are popular with florists, and home gardeners, because they are dependably pretty and easy to use.  Long, strong, straight stems couple with blooms that are an ideal size for medium bouquets

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  1. Beautiful photos - and what striking colours for a flower!