Tuesday, May 1, 2012


How can such a tiny flower give off such a tremendous scent? Tiny lily-of-the-valley sends up its lovely little sprays of bell-like white or pale pink flowers each spring. Allow it to spread a little (which it does, so much that it can be a problem) and it will perfume the whole area with its distinctive scent. It also makes adorable, tiny bouquets. It makes a good groundcover in small areas.
Lily-of-the-valley prefers shade and moist soil. In sunny or dry conditions, its leaves will brown. It can easily become invasive, so it's smart to put it in an area where it will be difficult to spread too far, such as a blocked in by a driveway or sidewalk

Lily of the valley needs to be in  part sun and part shade. It grows about 6-12 in. high and 6-12 in. wide.
 This  plant can be used in  containers,beds & borders, slopes, groundcover.  These pretty little flowers have  attractive foliage, they are fragrant, they deer resistant, and easy to grow.

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