Monday, September 26, 2011

Ornamental cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is a hybrid flowering plant that produces red, pink, and white blooms in the cooler weather. They survive to temperatures as low as five degrees Fahrenheit. They are edible, although they are not as tasty as regular cabbage, and are mainly planted for ornamentation. Since they are low growers, they are often planted as edging plants. They must be started in the late summer to early fall to get the best blooming. They are often used as replacement plants in gardens and flower boxes for summer plants that are gone or dormant in the colder weather.   

Ornamental Cabbage looks very nice  in the garden with fall Mums

If you purchase the plants from a nursery, transplant them into your garden in September. If you plant too early, they will grow leggy and will not change color. Buy the larger plants as the cabbages will become root bound and the top portion becomes stunted and won't give you the growth you expect. Plant them in the ground about twelve to eighteen inches apart in a sunny area with nutrient rich soil that will remain moist but also well drained. The bottom leaves should actually touch the soil. Water well and cover the soil with mulch to retain moisture.

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